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WOLF, by Akira Toriyama

reblogging this because.

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ジッタリン・ジン - ハッピーカムカム [1991]

ジッタリン・ジン - ハッピーカムカム [1991]

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Páginas de Hotel Harbour View de Natsuo Sekikawa y Jiro Taniguchi. Tenéis una reseña de esta obra aquí mismo

The slowest bullet in history. I should homage this in Pretty Deadly.

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[4:28 PMI’m going to be on MS for the 2nd week in a row! Watch it again today, okay? AND! ALSO! I’m going to cosplaying as a certain teacher… heeheehee… hahaha…
[7:28 PM
Make sure to watch MS! I’ll be on right after this!
[8:56 PM]
Today I was Ms. Yoshinaga. We’re the Sunflower Class🌻 (top)
[8:56 PM
Shin-chan *smooch* <3 (second)
[8:58 PM]
Ms. Yoshi *pat pat* naga RT @loveKPPlove: @pamyurin Ms. Yoshinaga, you were so cute <3 ! (third)
[9:31 PM]
Let’s do one B) RT @KPP_wakana: @pamyurin Next time I hope you do a high-five event <3

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Seiichi Hayashi


Seiichi Hayashi

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Meiro Koizumi, Sunday at Hirohito’s  2012.

The name “Sunday at Hirohito’s” is taken from the series of photos taken in December 1945 and published by the American Life Magazine in February 1946 called, “Sunday at Hirohito’s- Emperor poses for first informal pictures”. It was the first time the Japanese public saw him in daily settings. American’s purpose was to provide an image of the emperor as an ordinary person instead of a divine figure. In 1946, on January 1st, as part of a New year’s statement, he made the Humanity Declaration (Renounciation of Divinity) under American’s request. Meiro Koizumi painted anatomical images over his figure to push the concept further.

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